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Help Us Build WomanSage to Be Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Dear WomanSage Supporters,

We have dedicated 2017 as a building year to grow WomanSage, and we’re seeking volunteers like YOU to get involved and expand our Board and Leadership. Would you like to help us continue to improve the lives of women of all ages? The mission of WomanSage is to provide opportunities, experience and education through diverse programs that enhance and empower all women – their families, careers and communities. Our mission includes continuing the following:

  • The growth of WomanSage, which started as a small group around a table, has grown to a social community of more than 2,000 women.
  • WomanSage was started in 2003 by our founder, Jane Glenn Haas, who passed away in 2013. Jane was a force to be reckoned with and also a respected Orange County Register columnist, author and speaker. Jane knew that women needed the camaraderie of other women, so she founded WomanSage to provide a forum for women to discuss the problems of aging, and the many other issues women are faced with at various times of their lives.
  • The Women in Life Transitions Program is for women facing serious issues – life-changing experiences – and all women who need a life-line. There are “forgotten” women who live on the edge of our communities and want so badly to get back in as productive citizens.
  • Our Caregiver Respite program provides relief for women who are struggling to care for sick loved ones. These caregivers are unsupported, and need the help of WomanSage’s Empowerment Groups to regain their strength and resilience.
  • Family Matters, which is held in the Fall, is a special event that includes an enjoyable meal, a silent auction, an inspiring speaker and an awards presentation to honorees in our community who are doing extraordinary things to improve the lives of people every day.

All of our projects mentioned above need leadership, committee chairs, and volunteers to continue our good work. We would like to discuss the possibility of YOU joining our dynamic team committed to building WomanSage and helping women develop their potential. Please call us (949) 222-4210 so we can discuss YOU joining this vibrant organization.