Women in Life Transitions Program


Women In Life Transitions is our exclusive program focusing on helping women in Orange County navigate through life-changing events such as divorce, loss of job, death of a partner, suddenly becoming a caregiver, or feeling stuck in life.

Selected participants experience a three-month program of classes for financial planning, career coaching, life coaching, mind-body relaxation, wardrobe, hair and make-up guidance and if needed, a caregiving consultant. Participants create individual goals to put their lives back on the right path and to move forward with confidence. Our WomanSage “faculty” are professionally licensed or certified in their fields.

WomanSage is dedicated to helping the participants succeed after the program.  Mentors are assigned to the graduates and a monthly special interest support group is offered so graduates can continue to follow their roadmaps and achieve their goals.

WomanSage appreciates our generous Sponsors that are helping us reach out and help more women.

Download the application for the Women in Life Transitions program here.

If selected, you will receive help from our professionally licensed or certified faculty of life coaches, career counselors and financial advisers to help you get back on track and on your way again. Email your completed application to info@womansage.org

You can also leave a message at (949) 222-4210 if you have questions about the program.

Graduates from the Women in Life Transitions Program share their stories:

It is the policy and practice of WomanSage to at all times keep secret and retain in strictest confidence all confidential, personal and sensitive information disclosed by program applicants, We take all reasonable steps not to disclose to any person or entity, or use in any manner outside the confines and mission of WomanSage, such confidential personal and/or sensitive information without the prior written consent of the applicant or unless compelled to do so by process of law.

Mary S.

Mary really needed a job after being unemployed for more than a year. She was facing critical times financially and emotionally and felt she did not appear self confident, though she knew she had good job skills. Her life coach taught her tools that helped her in both her personal and working relationships. Even though she found a job just as the program started, her career coach helped her strategize advancement and design a growth plan. Although she left that position just as the Transitions Program program ended, she has learned the guideposts to help her and has WomanSage friends to stand by her.

Rhen K.

For Rhen, the WomanSage Transitions program came during a pivotal point in her life. After her husband became incapacitated due to a fall, Rhen found herself taking over all financial and family matters, overseeing the care of her husband, and continuing support of her daughter who had just started college. With support from the Transitions Program Director, Linda Edwards, the women in her group, experts who worked with the group, and an atmosphere of warm support, refocus, laughing and sharing, Rhen started to define her next steps.

She found several contract positions, and has also started to develop entrepreneurial projects, blending her background in customer service, knowledge about her husband’s traumatic brain injury, and her master’s degree in psychology. Becoming more defined with each day, Rhen thanks the Transitions Program and WomanSage for being a positive contribution in her life journey. She would recommend this program to anyone who feels an intuitive tug within themselves as they read this.

Jacene C.

After surviving cancer three times, her 32-year marriage ending in divorce, and moving to Orange County to take care of her aging parents, Jacene faced financial, emotional and personal losses. She used the Transitions Program experience to investigate other potential career avenues identified by her career coach. With her renewed vigor, passion, and a plan, Jacene chose to continue her work with children in the school district and expand her tutoring service. She is currently an educator at Newport Mesa Unified School District.

Michelle R.

Michelle's life coach guided her through an exploration of how she could make the transition back into the work force after being a stay at home mom. She was interested in non-profit work as she wanted to find work that would fulfill her desire to make a difference in the lives of others. The life coaches' assignments, lessons and techniques helped Michelle explore her own inner strengths and areas of weakness enabling her to channel them as she continued. She has also decided to pursue writing and language, as reading and writing have always been a passion of hers. Her financial planner provided a financial snapshot and helped her plan for college for her children and retirement for her and her husband.

Kate T.

Laid off twice in one year from jobs in the systems analysis and technology fields, Kate worried about financial insecurities with unemployment. Her life coach helped her to eliminate the fear that was blocking her from success and helped her to understand that the job losses were caused by business decisions and not a rejection of her. Kate is now the Regional Operations Supervisor at Redbox.